Blood blood blood. My artwork generally revolves around figures, faces and broken line patterns. Blood. I like to work from the rhythm and patterns of daily life which for me are inexorably linked with my social anxiety.
Blood blood blood blood blood blood blood blood blood blood, blood blood blood.
With my own anxieties and perspectives as a lens I hope through my artwork, I go some way to interpreting the interplay of people, mental states and social interconnectivity that surrounds us. Oh and also, I really like the word blood.
Hilary Clinton by Rory Doyle
Line Art by Rory Doyle

lines and lines and lines

A collection of studies using broken line patterns, experiencing shapes through line and line through shapes.
Art Drawing Installation Art by Rory Doyle

portland row

My grad show installation that was a day's diary for social interactions with social anxiety disorder within the Portland Row building.
Wall Drawing Art by Rory Doyle

portland row – wall drawing

The wall drawing for Portland Row which was to underpin the ebbs and flows of anxiety within a timeline.
her pretty little lines jumping Art by Rory Doyle

her pretty little lines

A progression of simple line drawing studies that develop into patterns, inspired by a jumping figure.